JewelMint Winter Mystery Box Review

I received my JewelMint Winter Mystery Box today, a little earlier than scheduled and wanted to share all that was in it! (Reviews at the bottom!)


Duchess Pearl set: It includes a bracelet of creamy glass pearls and rose crystal gem studded bow on a silver chain. The drop earrings have a rose gem stud and a pear shaped pearl dangle


Foliage Drop Choker: Organic autumnal plastic resin drops on a double link gold chain


Charmed Life Bracelet: Silver colored chain with mixed metal gold and silver charms


Siren Necklaces: Various shades of blue beads and gold beads on the extra long necklace plus a shorter gold-plated bead necklace

Overall, I think I received a mix of girly and bohemian pieces. The quality seems okay for all the pieces (weight, strength, etc), but looking closely at some pieces, I could see little bits of gold plating chipping and rings on a chain not closed all the way. Nothing really a dealbreaker, but not something I would want to pay $30 each for a jewelry piece.

My personal style leans more toward the girly so my favorite pieces are the Duchess Pearl set! I’m a big sucker for anything with bows and the pink gems pair nicely with the pearls on the bracelet. The bow on the bracelet has that aged vintage patina on it but it contrasts well with the pink gems. The earrings are light which my ears appreciate and the pink crystal stud is a nice little detail.

I probably wouldn’t wear the Foliage Drop choker much because it feels so heavy and I’m not the biggest fan of chokers. Trying it on, I found that the length was pretty short and very “choking” on the neck. I would need an extender to even fit it comfortably around my neck. If you were the crafty type, I can see it being separated into two bracelets and used as fun layering pieces.

The Charmed Life bracelet features a pretty random looking mix of charms. I appreciate the little details such as the little gems on some of the charms and the engraving work and pink bead on the perfume bottle. I think I would wear it with my casual outfits.

The Siren necklaces has these little wire swirl beads on it so the first time I tried it on, they caught little strands of my hair. Overwise, I think the overall look of the blue beaded necklace seems pretty young which is not necessarily a bad thing! The longer necklace could be wrapped around the neck three times and allows for a gradient effect with all the blues. You could even wrap it around the wrist a couple more times and wear it as a bracelet. The shorter gold necklace is perfect for layering because it is delicate and simple enough.

A mystery box usually include pieces you wouldn’t choose for yourself, but that’s part of the fun. I would probably wear about 75% of the pieces on a regular basis and for this mystery box, I liked the variety of the things I received. I wouldn’t pay $29.99 for one piece of JewelMint jewelry unless it was super special or very well made, because for most of the pieces, they feel about the same quality or just a little bit better than a F21 piece of jewelry or cheaper mall jewelry.


2 thoughts on “JewelMint Winter Mystery Box Review

  1. omgg why, i got the choker for my cyber monday box, they PROMISED no repeats from the last four boxes! ugh lies. mine fell apart cuz the chains werent closed properly. so unsatisfied

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