Julep New Year’s Box 2012

2012-12-30-bagI’m not a Julep Maven (a Maven is someone who has  a subscription to their monthly box), but when I saw their New Year’s mystery box deal for sale at $19.99, I couldn’t resist! This is my first impression of the company and polishes, and most importantly, the mystery box I received.


The quote from above is what was printed on the small tote bag that was included. On the other side, it says Julep.com with a picture of their logo.

My box breakdown:

tote bag

3 polish remover pads

2 hand scrub packets

silver glitter pot

Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener cream


4 polishes/1 topcoat (all .27 fl oz. | a full-size nail polish is closer to .5 fl oz)


The first one, starting from the left, is an unnamed mystery glitter. It appears to have a somewhat transparent black base with orange and silver glitters.

Next is Portia, which is a tropical blue with opalescent glitters. The blue base is quite sheer so it is best used as a top coat.

Isla is milky, pearly white metallic. It looks pretty nice in the bottle.

Hoch is an emerald green crème from the Trina Turk Fall 2012 collection. Emerald is gonna be the “hot” color of 2013, so I’m happy to try it out.

and…the last polish in the picture is a Matte Top Coat.

These polishes retail regularly at $14 or around $12 if you’re a Maven. I wouldn’t put such a high price for these polishes because for around the same price, you could find a comparable polish from other companies at an even larger size for even cheaper. Currently, there is a sale on Julep selling polishes for around $4-5 each, which is about the price I would value these.

So considering that, I would value the polishes around $25 total, the hand cream at $6 (current sale price), and the rest of the items as $8. Total personal value = $39

The value at regular retail price is probably over $100, which is the price Julep promised the boxes would be worth, but I’m not terribly disappointed at all. I received a fun surprise that exceeded the price I paid for them! I probably wouldn’t subscribe every month to be a Maven, but if I see a color I like at a good price, I might pick it up.


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