Subscription Box News + Glossybox spoiler?

Happy Sunday! With the winter blizzard in the Northeast, lots of boxes including Birchbox and ipsy have been delayed a bit for this month, but this does not stop all the news of spoilers for this month!

First, a special price for a nail art box called Nail Art Society. News via Nouveau Cheap. Use code PUREICE to pay $10 a month, a savings of 50%. I haven’t tried it before, but you can read a review from Polish Hound and see how it might fit for you.

Next, Glossybox spoilers/rumors are up. I’ve looked at it, but not much have interested me, so I’m glad I’ve cancelled for the month of February. Read below for possible spoilers…. *updated Feb 11 2013*

Items for February 2013 – Glossybox USA: Missha SuperAqua snail creme, Bvlgari soap bar, Evologie acne treatments, Nail Rock nail decals, ??? liquid eyeliner, and ??? lipgloss.

Update: The mystery eyeliner and lipgloss are from the New York City brand LiSi Cosmetics. Liquid Line Liquid Eyeliner (~$7) and Sheer Sparkle Lip Gloss (~$7)

Missha is Korean-based brand and the product this month is the Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask ($6).

Nail Rock nail wraps are UK-based (I believe) and retail for around $8-9.

Evologie is a duo of a Blemish Serum and a Stay Clear cream and you can request a 5-day supply sample from their website for free + $2.85 shipping.

The Bvlgari (Bulgari) soap is available on Amazon as a set of six for $18 or $3 each. The size of each is 1.76 oz and the scent is possibly a  blend of violet, orange blossom, and jasmine!

Estimated box value is around $35!

Image via here


3 thoughts on “Subscription Box News + Glossybox spoiler?

  1. I hope this isn’t the February Glossybox. The January one was so fabulous and then for them to give us a terrible one with drug store items we could easily buy would be awful. Please say it isn’t so.

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