Julep It Girl Starter Box


Earlier this February, I took advantage of Julep‘s offer for a free starter box with the code ‘FREEMAVEN’. (I don’t know if it still works or not.) Well, the only thing you had to pay was the $3.99 shipping and handling which still made it a good deal. I normally wouldn’t pay $20 a month for a box of just nail polishes and hand creams, but I do love having the option to skip a month, if needed.

The It Girl box appealed to me because of its strong and bold colors and finishes. All the polishes are .27 fl oz (full-size polishes are closer to .5 fl oz)


Leah | A bright grassy green with slight shimmer. I love this color because it’s just so spring-like and happy-looking.


Melissa | A little hard to see in the photo, but Melissa is a sheer, opalescent shimmer polish. Usually with sheer polishes, I would layer them over another color such as pinks or creams. They really show up better that way!


Leslie | Wow! Look at all the sparkles in this polish. Leslie has a black base with tons of black and silver shimmers.


Daylight Defense Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint | It smells exactly like those little minty candies with the round sprinkles on the bottom! This was my “bonus” item in the intro box and I like how it feels on my lips. Slight minty tingle and creamy.

All in all, I’m happy with what I had received at the price I paid. I would probably only order more boxes if there was a “gotta-have-it” polish once in a while, but I think most months I would be trying to use up the polishes I already owned.


About Julep Maven Boxes (referral link, thanks!). Get your first box for a penny with code JULEPVIP

What do you get? box every month with three polishes + extra surprise products. 20% off all products on the site and free shipping

Price? $20 a month; option to skip a month, if needed

Customization? Yes, you can choose your style between the 20th and 24th of each month


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