Wantable Jewelry Box April Review Part 2


Part Two of a two part review. Read Part 1  for the basics of a Wantable subscription. (Disclaimer: I received my box free for my honest review. Thanks!)

My purple Wantable box arrived at my doorstep, impressing me with its professional packaging. The pieces were wrapped inside tissue paper and bubble wrap for safety and had the folded paper filler that a lot of subscription boxes have for protection. The guest stylist this month was Helen Berkun, who I am not quite familiar with, but she is a fashion photographer and stylist.


All my pieces of jewelry! In total I received six pieces (including the matching necklace and earrings): two necklaces, two rings, one bracelet, and a pair of earrings.


Wantable sent a list of the jewelry received and descriptions, along with a thank you card, and a return label. The return label is a nice touch, just in case you do not like any of the pieces received. Wantable has an awesome no-questions-asked return policy for a full refund.

In total, my box was worth $94. The jewelry did not include any labels or extra packaging on them.


The Overhand Knot Bracelet | The bracelet is composed of silver-toned knot shaped beads, silver spacer beads, and white elastic string. The bracelet has a nice weight which makes it feel really nice and high quality.


It fits perfectly around my wrists – not too big or small. I really like the way it looks!


The Jessica Ring | This is a chunky gold and turquoise ring. I’ve never owned a stretchy, adjustable ring before, but this one fits really well and doesn’t pinch my fingers.


Not typically my style, but I think this ring looks great for summer, paired with casual dresses and sandals.


The Mademosille Ring | This is another adjustable ring, and this design involves intertwining loops of rope. Three of the rope loops are encrusted with sparkling crystals. The ring has an antique brass tone. The ring fits a little more snug than the Jessica ring, but doesn’t pinch my skin at all.


You can see the crystals better here and I like how they give a subtle “bling” look to a more antique design. My only problem with rings that are chunky all the way around is that it makes it hard to bend your hand and type!


The Ice Cold Necklace | This necklace definitely fits into the Glam collection. The giant crystal in the middle is surrounded by faux diamonds all around and the entire pendant is hanging from a long silver chain. I find pieces like this a little harder to wear (maybe a night out or a fancy dinner) because it is so shiny and bold.  The quality is good too; the crystal in the middle does not feel plastick-y at all.


The Gardenia Necklace and Earrings | In the picture above, I folded the necklace over to see how it would layer. On the gold chain, there are white enameled clover-shaped beads and white faux pearls. The necklace, in its regular length, has two tiers of beaded chains that are nice and long and a clasp for closure. The necklace, when worn regularly, is very long and hitting almost to by belly button. This is one of my favorite pieces, because I like the white clover beads and how dainty it looks!


The earrings are two of the white clover beads hanging from a drop wire. I’ve been liking the look of white and gold jewelry for summer, as it stands out over tanned skin. These earrings would definitely be a strong contrast in my dark hair.


I think my first Wantable box was a success! The pieces they picked out for me, I liked a lot! And I also liked the various mix and match of jewelry. I would wear most of the pieces regularly (the Ice Cold Necklace, not so much though). The quality is good: the pieces feel well constructed and the materials feel strong and appropriately weighty.

I’m not too familiar with other jewelry subscription services, but JewelMint, which is not a box service per sé, charges $29.99 a month to receive one item and has seasonal mystery boxes for the same price.

The price is a little more expensive than a usual subscription box (ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox) ($36 vs. $10-21) and jewelry is a very subjective thing, but I think if you’re looking for a jewelry subscription box with strong customization, Wantable would be worth a try! Plus Wantable’s customer service is very awesome and congenial. 🙂

Products: 9/10

Value: 8/10



Info: Jewelry and/or Makeup box subscription. $36 monthly subscription/$40 one time box

Wantable (personal invite link!)

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