Wantable Jewelry Box April 2013 Review Part 1

(Part 1 of a two part review)

(Part 2 here)

Wantable.com, formerly Wantable.co, is a relatively new box service, based out of Wisconsin, offering subscription boxes for cosmetics or jewelry or both.

The Basics: Each box you want can cost either $36 a month or a single box for $40. In the makeup box, there are 4-6 full-sized products (no samples here), that are hand-picked each month from a questionnaire asking about your preferences. The jewelry box includes 4 to 5 pieces that are picked in the same way.

Another plus about the service is that subscriptions can be canceled or paused at any time, in case you don’t feel like receiving a box that particular month.

When you first enter the website, it is easy to navigate and very nicely designed. Not much clutter or confusion to intimidate you. I decided to try out Wantable’s jewelry box and was first greeted with photos and descriptions of various jewelry categories to choose from.

You can slide a bar to select if you love, like, or dislike something. If you “love” a type, you are more likely to receive it and if you “dislike” a type, you will never receive it in your box.


My first decision was choosing what types of jewelry I liked: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches. I left all the sliders at “like” so I was equally likely to receive any of the above.


Further along in the survey, questions got more detailed in asking about materials you like and even colors you like (gold, silver, mixed, etc.). In the screenshot above, you can see how even the size of studs you prefer can be customized.

I finished the survey and overall, the styles I chose to receive are Classic, Glam, Rock ‘n Roll, and Quirky. The materials are Silver tone, Gold tone, Multi tone, Wood, and Leather. I didn’t want to receive anything Boho, Seasonal, Acrylic, Beaded, or anything with religious symbolism. Part two of my review will have what I received in my box! *edit- Part two is up!*