Two Cosmetics Daily Palette review


I was surprised to check my mailbox late last week to find a package from Two Cosmetics with the Daily Palette I had ordered just a couple of days ago. So props to the company for their great shipping times! Along with the order, I also picked up two gel liners (review coming soon!) and was happy to see that they had also added in a free gel liner brush with the order. That’s just really awesome of Two Cosmetics! Read on for my first impressions of The Daily Palette.


Packaging | It came in a sleek black sleeve and when you slip it off, you have a very slim cardboard palette. Included inside is a small mirror on the inside cover and a small eye shadow brush. The eye shadow pans seem well secured and the magnet closing the lid is strong and not prone to falling open. Overall, the palette is quite sturdy and light.


Eye Shadows | The palette comes with 12 neutral eye shadows. Two of the shades are matte and the rest have a slight sheen or lean more towards shimmer. The net weight of the palette is 9 g or .317 oz which works out to each pan having .75 g / .026 oz of product. Urban Decay’s Naked palette comes with .05 oz (or full-sized) pans  of each color, so you are getting about half as much product with The Daily Palette. I paid about $17 for the Daily Palette which is still a good value even though you receive less product in comparison.

Colors | The colors are made to correspond with the Urban Decay’s Naked palette. There are no names or labels with the Daily Palette so I’ll use UD’s names when describing them. Swatches made with a brush over primer on my “light”/NC20-25 arm with artificial lighting. (I much prefer sunlight/natural lighting but the weather did not work out.)



In the above photo, I swatched the first 7 for the top row, and the 5 darker colors for the bottom.

The lighter shades (“Virgin” and “Sin”) do not show up well with my camera/lighting set-up, but they’re not bad at all.

All the eye shadows were soft and nicely pigmented with little fall out. The shimmer colors show up better, but the two mattes “Buck” and “Naked” did not seem chalky at all.

Conclusion | If you’re looking for a good neutral palette at a good price, Two Cosmetics’ Daily Palette would be a pretty decent choice. I haven’t tested them extensively yet, but for now, the quality of the shadows are better than most and at this price point, worth a try!


Product bought by me from Two Cosmetics online store.

The Daily Palette ($22.50) + Discount code in my last post


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